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Kathy Lee Gifford's "Nasty Bad Pagans" comment [Jul. 1st, 2008|03:13 am]
Pagan Fellowship
im reposting from a friend-

Kathy Lee Gifford of NBC's the Today Show has outraged the Pagan community. While doing a report she made a comment about pagans calling them "nasty bad Pagans".


My fellow pagans and anyone else that may feel that her comment was out of line and unprofessional I urge you to voice your opinion about Kathy Lee's comment to NBC and the Today show at one of these e-mail addresses.

today@nbc.com or TODAY@nbcuni.com or today@msnbc.com

This sort of uneducated intolerance has to stop!!!

i also emailed morning joe via msnbc.com morning joe show