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The Phoenix Feathers [Aug. 1st, 2008|05:16 pm]
Pagan Fellowship

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I am currently looking for contributors for a new e-zine called The Phoenix Feathers. We are looking for people who would like to write about their chosen earth based religion and see it published on a new online community forum.

Do you enjoy writing? Are you Pagan? Are you Heathen? Are you Wiccan? Have you ever considered publishing your work? Do you attend a regular drum circle, or meditation circle? Do you have artwork that you would like to share with the community to gain exposure? Tell us about it!

We are looking for contributors who are willing to publish informative articles about their angels, guides, matrons, patrons, ritual formats, and experiences. We are also seeking people to do reviews of local drum circles, concerts, public rituals, festivals, etc.

All Submissions and Inquiries can be sent to


x-posted to all of my pagan groups
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Kathy Lee Gifford's "Nasty Bad Pagans" comment [Jul. 1st, 2008|03:13 am]
Pagan Fellowship
im reposting from a friend-

Kathy Lee Gifford of NBC's the Today Show has outraged the Pagan community. While doing a report she made a comment about pagans calling them "nasty bad Pagans".


My fellow pagans and anyone else that may feel that her comment was out of line and unprofessional I urge you to voice your opinion about Kathy Lee's comment to NBC and the Today show at one of these e-mail addresses.

today@nbc.com or TODAY@nbcuni.com or today@msnbc.com

This sort of uneducated intolerance has to stop!!!

i also emailed morning joe via msnbc.com morning joe show
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It's been a long time! Let's get this community active again! [Jun. 24th, 2008|04:21 pm]
Pagan Fellowship

I have a blog on blogspot.com! It's called A Seeker on the Path, and it's to be devoted to my search for a group to join, recommendations for shops and books, etc.

Here's the web address!
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Does anyone know? [Apr. 9th, 2008|02:01 pm]
Pagan Fellowship

Hi guys long time no post (three to four years to be exact).
I just have a little question:
Does anyone know what I could use instead of Holy Thistle in Banishing insence?
Thanks in advance
Rabbit xxx
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start [Feb. 6th, 2008|10:20 am]
Pagan Fellowship

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 i need help getting started doing spells and stuff cuz im getting into wicca ya"no. and is it a 3 fold rule or a 4 fold rule??
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Shopping! x-posted a couple of places [Feb. 5th, 2008|01:49 am]
Pagan Fellowship

So what are everyone's favourite on-line shops for books, ritual equipment, etc.?
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I'm sitting here shaking my head..... [Aug. 23rd, 2007|09:12 pm]
Pagan Fellowship

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.....and fighting the urge not to start singing the words "Why Can't We Be Friends?"

What started it? This article, which I found on the MSN Today page:

Oh, and another question....WHY do people not think long and hard before they start disputes like this one?

Blessed Be!
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2007|05:30 pm]
Pagan Fellowship

I have some issues in my head that I am wanting to find out which path is the one I should take. I feel I should meditate heavily upon this choice and see what I see in my meditation.

What are some tools or items I should have or use to do a deep meditation?
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2007|08:39 am]
Pagan Fellowship
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I have a question, or is it more of a problem?

I want to have a handfasting with my hunny, but do I need an actual priest/priestess to do it, or can I use someone that is very dear to me and is the most level headed person I know?
I just wish to know, so that, if I need a priest/priestess, I can find one in time.

Thanks very much.

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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2007|01:49 pm]
Pagan Fellowship

unfortunately i do not know who created this beautiful piece of art.
if anyone can educate me as to who created this, please e-mail me and let me know.


please join :)

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